Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lies,makes the world a dangerous place.

Lies,they make the world go round not in a good way.What if we all woke up one day and realized our life was a whole lie?It would be terrible,I bet suicide is the first thing in your mind?Well I know how it feels.

- - - Facebook? I'm sure everyone has heard of that site.Anywho,one day i got bored of doing the same things on my FB account so i said to myself "hmm,what if I were to make a fake account maybe a whole lot more of people would add me?" ..So I made one,months later i was very happy - of course it was summer then I had lots of time to spend on the computer - but then this one guy asked me to be his girlfriend and I said the days pass by he discovered a clue and gotten very curious so I deactivated that account and I tell you. LESSON LEARNED.I feel bad for the guy,he had real feeling and I didn't :/ 

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