Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A dog,a brother and a friend.

Prince,a dog,a brother and a friend.That's how I see my dog prince.All my life I have always wanted a dog and then that wish was granted on September 25,2010 - i may as well say the happiest day of my life - when my parents bought me a new dog,we had to pick him up on a certain house,I was filled with joy I couldn't hold myself until now I remember everything like it was yesterday.He was a shy and timid dog then,he never wanted to be alone he kept barking for my attention so I went downstairs and sat near him and played with him.He was always my comforter,every time my parents fight I sit by him and hug him.On my saddest days there I am,right by his side.

But there are times too when I forget he is still a baby dog - not a puppy though - and I scold him for wanting to play so much,i feel so bad..He's like a new baby brother,he makes me feel whole.He is my one and only dog. Prince.

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